Who we are

The network is composed by:

    • a central node of 25 ISPRA units which includes researchers, technical and administrative collaborators coordinated in a multidisciplinary working group by the Department for the monitoring and protection of the environment and for the biodiversity conservation;
    • external nodes that collaborate, according to their capacities and the principles of open science, in the development of the Network’s activities, the census and monitoring of macromycetes fungi, the development of projects and activities in the mycological field and the definition of scientific objectives. The external nodes are made up of both public and private entities (the External Units) and expert citizens (the contributors) (Participate in the Network);
    • a Scientific Committee which defines the standards, the reference procedures, the activities, the themes and the orientation of the scientific initiatives aimed at developing the actions of the Network and of the national database (Fungi Information System – FIS).

The Scientific Committee of the Network is composed as follows:

    • Ing. Massimo Diaco, representing ISPRA – Head and coordinator of the Network
    • Dr. Francesca Floccia, representing ISPRA
    • Dr. Pietro Massimiliano Bianco, representing ISPRA
    • Dr. Maria Chiara Deflorian, representing the Science Museum of Trento – MUSE
    • Prof. Anna Maria Persiani, representing the Italian Botanical Society – SBI
    • Prof. Solveig Tosi, representing the Italian Botanical Society – SBI
    • Prof. Giuseppe Venturella, representing the Italian Botanical Society – SBI
    • Dr. Marco Leonardi, representing the Italian Mycological Union – UMI
    • Mr. Leonardo Giuliani, representing the Roman Ecological Mycological Association – AMER
    • Dr. Marco Floriani, representing the Mycological Group “G. Bresadola” of Trento – GMB.


Currently joining the Network as External Units:

    • SBI – Italian Botanical Society
    • AMER – Roman Ecological Mycological Association
    • UMI – Italian Mycological Union
    • GMB – Bresadola Mycological Group
    • MUSE – Science Museum of Trento
    • Friulian Mycological Center and Valcanale-Canal del Ferro-Tarvisio Mycological Association
    • AMB Mycological Group of Crema
    • KCS Biotech S.R.L.
    • University of Pavia
    • Association of Tuscan Mycological Groups

87 contributors are currently registered in the Network, of which:

    • 71 mycologists
    • 16 mycology experts

(Data updated to 08/03/2024)