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Mycological exhibition “Fungi in the city” at the Botanical Garden of Rome

Rome, Orto Botanico, 11-12 november 2023

The launch of the Network for the study of mycological diversity of ISPRA (Ndm) and the “Fungi in the city” mycological exhibition set up at the Botanical Garden of Rome will be held on 11 November 2023.

Ndm has started, through a cooperation network of expert subjects, the census initiative of macromycetes on the national territory which has the objective of collecting, systematizing and publishing surveys, samples and data (historical and current) relating to the fungal species present in Italian habitats.

The Network has a scientific committee made up of representatives of ISPRA, the Italian Botanical Society (SBI), the Trento Science Museum (MUSE), the Roman Ecological Mycological Association (AMER), the Italian Mycological Union (UMI) and the G mycological group. Bresadola of Trento (GMB)

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Partecipation in XIX Congress of European Mycologists

Perugia, 4-8 september 2023

On 4-9 September 2023, at Perugia, the ISPRA NDM Network participated in the XIX Congress of European Mycologists as part of the workshop “Data Management and Open Science.”

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