The fungarium

The fungarium is the structure of ISPRA at the headquarters of Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO), where dried fungal samples are stored and voluntarily sent by contributors belonging to the Network.

Some samples, in addition to being stored in the fungarium, could be also subjected to genetic analysis from researchers by the ISPRA Conservation Genetics Area.

The fungarium is registered in the Index Herbariorum with the following Herbarium Code: IFI.

Submit the samples

Each contributor adhering to the Network can send samples of species collected for conservation.

In addition, the contributor can request genetic analysis on submitted samples that meet one or more of the criteria listed below:

    1. new species, therefore typical collections (holotypes, isotypes, paratypes)
    2. rare and/or threatened species, included in the Red Lists
    3. species difficult to classify through morphological analysis alone
    4. species from unusual environmental contexts.

The request to send the sample must necessarily be made through the SIF6.1 app and can concern both field surveys and historical data.

There is a code of ethics prepared by the Network that the contributor is required to sign before sending the sample which requires genetic analysis.

Search the collection

Using the search engine it is possible to search for a genus and/or species of fungi preserved in the fungarium.

List of samples included in the fungarium updated on 03/15/2024

Sequenced samples
Agrocybe praecox (Pers.) Fayod
Calonarius lavandulochlorus (Eyssart.) Niskanen & Liimat.
Samples awaiting sequencing
Coprinus xerophilus
Pleurotus eryngii var. laserpitii
Heterobasidion irregulare
Hygrophorus sp.
Flammulina sp.
Cortinarius sp.
Tricholoma chrysophyllum
Cortinarius sp.
Amanita sp.
Russula sp.
Tricholoma sp.
Amanita lavendula
Pleurotus sp.
Loweomyces sp.
Coprinellus sp.
Rubroboletus pulchrotinctus