The Network

In February 2021 ISPRA launched the Network for the study of mycological diversity (NMD) with the aim of collecting, systematizing and publishing in a single national database surveys, samples and data (historical and current) relating to the fungal species present in the Italian habitats.
The Network NMD is a network system that integrates human and technological resources to carry out the census and national monitoring of macromycetes on the following bases:

    • develop research, retrieval, analysis and communication of data and information regarding the protection of mycological biodiversity with innovative management solutions through an open science initiative;
    • provide adequate tools for cooperation between the various subjects participating in the Network and define shared scientific standards with which to operate;
    • provide stakeholders with a homogeneous national knowledge base to implement specific policies for the protection and conservation of this biological community in the light of climate change and its effects

Open science 

Open science is the approach identified by the NMD Network to facilitate collaboration between experts in the field:

    • sharing methodologies, knowledge, processes and standards;
    • making the experimental methodology and data collection transparent;
    • ensuring the reliability and public re-usability of scientific data;
    • enabling public accessibility and transparency in scientific communication processes;
    • using web – based tools to facilitate standardised data collection.

Institutional framework

The Network was established inspired by the laws 132/2016 and 141/2019 which identify ISPRA as the subject to whom to entrust the task of aggregating any environmental information, coming from public and private subjects, in order to make this information accessible to anyone and as a reference official technician for the Italian State.

In this context, within the framework of the National Environmental Information System (SINA), the data collected and disseminated by the Network are consistent, reliable and open (license of use compliant with the Italian Open Data License v2.0).

Depliant Network for the study of mycological diversity
Italian Fungi census

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