Join the Network

The Network is a system which, through the principles of Open Science and the adoption of scientific protocols and ethical codes, has as its objective the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in mycology with the voluntary contribution of Italian mycologists and collaboration with research institutions, associations, and scientific societies.

Participation in the Network is characterized by various operational aspects:

    • membership of the Network
    • field activities and sample collection (Going to the field)
    • sending of collected samples, which meet certain requirements, to the ISPRA fungarium for archiving and genetic analyses
    • sending of mycological data, both new and historical
    • scientific research activity.

It is possible to join the Network as:

    • external unit
    • contributor

External Units (EU) are legal entities (public or private) such as:

    • universities, museums, research institutions
    • Mycological associations and groups
    • national and international scientific societies.

Contributors are persons who meet one of the following requirements:

    • mycologist with the certificate pursuant to Presidential Decree July 14, 1995, n. 376 and DM 29 November 1996, n. 686. Enrollment in the National Register of Mycologists is a sufficient requirement to accept the request for participation.
    • proven experience in mycology, deriving from teaching and/or research activities at universities and research institutions; in public or private laboratories; at research centers and/or mycological inspectorates; teaching for both courses for mycologists and refresher courses for mycologists; of study and research with publications and scientific articles subject to peer review.

The proven experience in mycology is recognized exclusively within the Network and for the activities subject to the binding opinion of the Scientific Committee which will verify the candidates’ declarations on the basis of the criteria listed above.

Voluntary collaborations in the actions of the Network are based on specific agreements with ISPRA which define the methods of sharing scientific principles and standards.

To participate in the activities of the Network as a Contributor (ie mycologist or expert in mycology) you must fill out the application for voluntary membership using this form.

To participate in the activities of the Network as an External Unit (that is, a public or private legal entity) it is necessary to complete the application for voluntary membership using one of the following forms:

    • EU participation request template (Mycological Associations and Groups)
    • EU participation request template (projects, herbariums, collections)