Fungi Information System

All data sent by the contributors, after the verification process, are collected in the database called Fungi Information System (FIS).
By mycological survey we mean the collection of field data aimed at determining the fungal species and the possible taking of fungal samples and other information useful for characterizing the species (date, location, plant species and habitat, substrate, photo, etc.).
Mycological data is the set of information relating to a specific mycological survey (field or c/o archives) and sent by the contributor.
The mycological record is the organized and integrated set of information relating to the mycological data, verified, and processed according to specific standards.

The mycological data sent by the contributor is verified in relation to the nomenclature of the species according to Index Fungorum and to the coding of the habitat according to EUNIS; at the end of the verification, it is published in the FIS.
As part of the census, participants are encouraged to send surveys concerning all fungal species with particular attention to those that are defined as “common”.
The mycological data required must include both information relating to the species and the habitat in which it is present, with a view to study and analyze fungi within ecosystems.

Cartographic viewer

The cartographic viewer shows the locations of the surveys collected and stored in the Funghi Information System.

The field surveys, the historical surveys and the surveys relating to the samples sent to the fungarium for genetic analysis are represented.

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Reserved area - Check data

Mycological data acquisition process includes checkpoints for verifying compliance with the standards established by the Network. This area is reserved for members of the Network Verification Groups.

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