Guidelines for the census and monitoring of macromycetes in Italy

One of the major problems that the Network faced in carrying out the project of census and monitoring of macrofungi was the wide inhomogeneity of data collected by several mycologists and researchers, over time (i.e. determination of the entities, indication of the place of collection and description of the habitat).

To date, this lack of homogeneity has made it difficult to carry out studies on a national scale and over large periods of time.

In view of this criticality and the difficulty in determining species which requires adequate training and experience in this field, the Network has the aim to standardize the mycological to allow their interchange and interoperability. Moreover, the aim is to make this data reliable by adopting a preventive system of data quality control based on the collaboration of experts and on scientifically rigorous, official and shared standards.

ISO 9001/2015 and current Guidelines are the final result of the commitment and involvement, between 2021 and 2023, of many participants in the Open Science initiative of the Network with the aim of identifying optimal methods and operational protocols to carry out the national census and monitoring of macromycetes and to develop the Fungi Information System (SIF).

This Manual (MLG 203/2023), thanks to the agreement between ISPRA and the Italian Botanical Society (SBI), as well as the involvement of the Scientific Committee of the Network, the network of experts and mycologists in the field, is currently unique in the national mycological panorama.

Nevertheless, this work constitutes a basis and not a point of arrival and, according to the principles of open science adopted by the Network, has the objective to open a reflection and a discussion about the mycological diversity of our Country and the standardized methodology of collection and use of data for future actions.

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